Pulse June 2017 - Page 60

HydroPeptide What are some new demands you are seeing from spa guests? Nimni Cream – Patented Collagen Support Complex We are certainly seeing more ingredient savvy spa guests in today’s industry. Spa guests are checking ingredient labels more than before and wanting validation HYDROPEPTIDE.COM 1.800.932.9873 staff geneticist, Dr. Kitchen and team of scientists use the principles of epige- for credibility in the products they put on their skin. HydroPeptide’s very own netics to create innovate formulas that impact cellular health and help skin look and act younger from the inside out. How does this product meet the needs of today’s diverse spa-goer? Every time we develop a product, we focus on two simple ideas that resonate with the spa community: clinical results and luxury experiences. We understand the importance of providing our customers with the most advanced ingredients and formulations as well as providing an upscale experience in the treatment room. Named after award-winning collagen researcher Dr. Marcel Nimni, Nimni Cream is the pinnacle of these two ideas, offering patented clinical results within a beautiful-to-use PM treatment. Spa-goers are constantly looking for the most innovative products, and this clinically formulated cream is one they can’t get enough of. MINDBODY MINDBODY App MINDBODYONLINE.COM 1.877.755.4279 What are some new demands you are seeing from spa guests? Online booking is the way of the future, and spa guests enjoy the convenience and flexibility that it provides—allowing them to book their spa appointments from wherever they are, at any given time. Spas using MINDBODY to run their business are automatically listed on the MINDBODY App, making all their available appointments easily searchable and bookable by existing and prospective clients. How does this product meet the needs of today’s diverse spa-goer? The free MINDBODY App gives clients access to tens of thousands of spas, fitness and wellness studios and practitioners worldwide, right at their fingertips. Using location and activity history, the app helps them find, book and pay for spa services, fitness activities and wellness experiences from wherever they are. The app features discounted offers, access to real-time appointment schedules and the ability to rate and review services. Your satisfied clients can save their favorite spas and manage their appointments right on the app, making it their own customized wellness portal. SPECIAL PULSE ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT