Pulse June 2017 - Page 59

The HydraFacial Company HydraFacial HYDRAFACIAL.COM 1.800.603.4996 What are some new demands you are seeing from spa guests? Universal treatments you can tailor to specific skin concerns allow clients to get the individualized experience they crave and, more importantly, keep them coming back. With patented booster vials, you can customize HydraFacial treatments to address a wide variety of skin concerns. How does this product meet the needs of today’s diverse spa-goer? No two customers are alike so your skin treatments need to be just as versatile. With The HydraFacial Company, you can give all your clients skin wellness without extreme measures. The customizable HydraFacial treatment gently exfoliates, painlessly extracts, and deeply hydrates the skin back to its healthiest state in as little as 30 minutes while a Perk add-on service helps renew the delicate eye and lip areas for complete skin rejuvenation. Chaleur Beauty Chaleur Heat-Inspired Skin Care CHALEURBEAUTY.COM 1.844.924.2538 What are some new demands you are seeing from spa guests? Time is a concern to spa guests as well as achieving instant, visible results. Chaleur ® ’s self-heating treatment mask is the perfect accompaniment to any skin care regimen. The Chaleur ® self-heating masks are designed to be layered and paired with our other Chaleur ® skin care products, or any of the client’s favorite skin care products, to enha