Pulse June 2017 - Page 57

Éminence Organic Skin Care Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream EMINENCEORGANICS.COM 1.888.747.6342 What are some new demands you are seeing from spa guests? Concern over hyperpigmentation has resulted in a growing demand for products to treat this common skin concern. Because a varie ty of factors— including environmental damage, aging, and inflammation—it can be one of the most challenging and diverse skin conditions to treat. The Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream builds upon the skin’s natural ability to repair overnight, offering an ideal option for anyone seeking to brighten and nourish their skin. How does this product meet the needs of today’s diverse spa-goer? Hyperpigmentation is a universal skin condition identified by an increase in melanin production. It affects people of all ethnicities and genders, and manifests as dark spots, freckles, scarring and uneven skin tone. The Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream is specially formulated to address hyperpigmentation at night when most skin regeneration takes place. It delivers a potent active, derived from Punarnava Root, proven to inhibit melanin production while visibly reducing spots for an even complexion. In just three months, users have seen a 51 percent decrease in melanin, a 29 percent decrease in the color of dark spots and a 49 percent increase in skin hydration. essie professional Gel Couture ESSIE.COM 1.866.313.7845 What are some new demands you are seeing from spa guests? Savvy spa goers display their day-to-day lives to anyone connected to the Internet. The spa experience is increasingly blogged about, reviewed and commented about online, and many buying decisions are based on these first- person accounts. Guests are informed, having done the research in advance, and up to speed on the latest spa offerings. With this comes an increasing need for spas to be prepared to answer detailed and pointed questions about their offerings. How does this product meet the needs of today’s diverse spa-goer? This enlightened spa guest is interested in treatments and products that deliver a high level of efficacy. With increased knowledge on the part of today’s guests, treatments are becoming less about pampering and more about delivering results. Guests need to know that treatments are proven and effective, and spas need to reinforce their claims with data. Essie Gel Couture creates a new addiction and obsession for the most sophisticated nail fashionista. Offering a break-through formula with a sensorial application experience and the strongest wear claims, essie Gel Couture fuses fashion and technology bringing high performance to the diverse spa goer. SPECIAL PULSE ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT