Pulse June 2017 - Page 52

be wondering what they’re missing; you want them to remain present in their treatment. Encouraging Guests to Disconnect It takes some education and encouragement to ween people off their phones. Forcing the spa-goer to drop their phone in a basket at the reception desk is not going to put they're mind at ease. It’s important to educate each guest on the benefits they’ll gain from putting their device away. “When I escort new guests to our communal bathing experience, I tell them I am giving them the best gift I could for the next couple of hours: I am allowing them to turn off all cellular devices and not respond for now,” notes Kathy Nelson, spa director at Kabuki Springs & Spa in San Francisco, California. “I try to make it really positive rather than a ‘no cell phones’ harsh enforcement concept. We also have signs inside every locker and at the front desk that say, ‘Power down; you and all electronics. Relaxation in progress.” Subtle reminders like Nelson’s allow guests to know the benefits of losing the phone without feeling like their being Mindful walks throughout the property at Rancho La Puerta allow guests to unwind and reconnect with nature. “We remind guests that not that long ago, life existed without constant digital connection. We encourage our guests to take baby steps by going one day at a time without digitally connecting to their devices.” — BARRY SHINGLE, Group Director of Guest Relations and Programing at Rancho la Puerta 50 PULSE ■ June 2017