Pulse June 2017 - Page 51

Why Your Guests Should Unplug The same survey by the APA found that almost two-thirds of Americans (65 percent) somewhat or strongly agree that periodically “unplugging” or taking a “digital detox” is important for their mental health. Spa customers are already at an advantage because they are aware that the spa helps them unwind from the stress of their daily lives. They are already searching for an oasis, so it’s the spa’s responsibility to give it to them. “You might say that old adage that ‘silence is golden’ takes on a special spa meaning here at Sundara,” says Chris Scheel, general manager at Sundara Inn & Spa in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. “Guests find that, when the distractions of the real world are set aside, they can focus in earnest on their own wellness and the health of their relationships. Some use it as quality time to heal from a loss, others embrace it as a way to come to a major life decision. Each guest benefits from it in their own unique way.” Barry Shingle, director of guest relations and programming at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, agrees by adding, “Happiness is found in the present moment. It is almost impos- sible to be present when digitally connected. By being quiet and with yourself you can discover who you are, otherwise we are just reacting to distractions and what’s on the outside.” Unplugging Anxieties You know that AMA report? Interestingly, even though the report found that 65 percent agree that a periodic digital detox will benefit them, only 28 percent of those who say this actually report doing so. It can be scary to put away our connection to the world. People have become addicted to the buzz of their phones. They’re afraid if they miss a text or email or fail to like a post on Facebook, their world will fall apart. Even though we k rF0F&RVG'VRW"熖WFW2fVVFffW&VFǒv66Pf&6VBVVvvrfVVƖRF'GW&R( ėB2Fff7VBf"W"wVW7G2FFvFǒF66V7B( FW06vR( ĖFV'7BbFVFB2vBFV'W@FV6wFF7F2vW&gV( ФbwVW7G2&RvWGFr熖W2B&R7G&W76VBg&&Vpvg&FV"FWf6W2FR&VrG&VFVG2FW( fR6PFFR7f"v&RVffV7FfRRF( BvBW"wVW7G2F( FV6w2'&VvBW2w&VBGf6W2'WBFPWV7FF2f"7FB6V6FBFR7&V6p6Rb6vRFRv&B6fRVvFfR7BW"vV&Vr( Ю( BU$TՒ44%Dw&WF&V7F"b7BvVW72BF&&VFFVw&WFRVvW2BgW67&R6Rf"wVW7G2F6WFVǒVvBधVR#p)jT4PC