Pulse June 2017 - Page 47

knowledge to recommend treatments to guests throughout the resort. The key is to get everyone involved.” Some great places to start are golf pros, fishing guides, and other sport instructors who have one-on-one inter- Wives, girlfriends, sisters, friends; most men get their first taste of spa by accom- panying another person, usually a woman. action with male guests and understand the toll strenuous activity can take on the body. Reaching out to male athletes doesn’t have to be limited to resorts. Day spas can easily reach out to local athletic clubs, men’s clubs or fitness studios to reach a spa-minded male client. Colby Ring, Site Manager at Massage Trilogy Riverside, a wellness-centered day spa concept in California, targets local athletes to increase male spa attendance. “We reach out to athletes to educate The Sabila Spa Signature Golf Massage uses actual golf balls for trigger point therapy. them on how sports massage can benefit them,” she notes. “For instance, golfers love hearing how massage can benefit their swing and range of motion, which will greatly improve their game.” Sports aren’t the only way to a man’s heart. Wout suggests using their female partners to attract men to the spa. “Wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends, most men get their first taste of spa by accompanying another person, usually a woman,” she says. “By offering gifts to our female clients that they can share with the gentlemen in their lives, we indirectly reach our male customers.” Byrd agrees by adding, “our couples’ massage is very popular and we have a large cross-over of men from the couples’ massage to individual massage treatments after they see the benefits.” n NEED A QUICK LIST? Click here for quick tips from ISPA members on how to attract men to the spa. F E AT U R E D S O U R C E S JENNIFER AARONS LIA WOUT Assistant Spa Manager Director of Spa Operations Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa The Ritz- Carlton Spa ATLANTIC CITY, NJ PALM BEACH, ARUBA RENVYE BYRD COLBY RICE CLAUDINE S. RIEMER Spa Director Safety Harbor Resort Massage Trilogy SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA CALIFORNIA Spa Director Sabila Spa Villa Del Palmar Loreto VARIOUS LOCATIONS, LORETO BCS, MEXICO June 2017 ■ PULSE 45