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1. JUMP IN WHERE NEEDED. When your team is lean, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Legler suggests allowing your team to take care of their jobs while you as a manager shouldn’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and fill in the gaps where they’re needed. “I have made it known that I am always ready to do my part wherever and whenever needed while also making sure all employees are cross trained to do the same.” Cross-training also works well for spas. Castellanos suggests hiring thera- pists with more than one license. “Of our eight therapists, five have dual licensing. This therapist flexibility allows us to keep a smaller staff and to keep the small staff that we have as busy as possible.” 2. LISTEN TO YOUR STAFF. Operating with a lean team can create strain on your employees. As their leader, you must show you’re always ready to listen and work together. “If there is a challenge in any area of the spa the staff usually knows how to resolve it,” Castellanos points out. “Through listening to your employees and implementing their ideas it validates NEED SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS? Click here to see creative solutions to specific staffing gaps. “Don't assume you can't operate differently just because you have never done so.” that they are being heard and that their ideas and thoughts are an essential part of operating your business.” 3. DON’T PILE ON THE WORK. For spas who are running lean, it can be tempting to over-work therapists, but Stimpson says that’s a bad path to walk down. “Don’t continually over-burden everyone for the sake of short term profits today. Team members are your greatest asset and if you burn them out you will lose your best one or risk injury. Either are lose-lose situations.” Instead, she suggests coming up with creative solutions to scheduling issues and support staff shortages. 4. BE CREATIVE. 5. REWARD YOUR TEAM. “Don’t assume you can’t operate differ- ently just because you have never done so,” says Stimpson. “Study best practices and employ the ones that will help you do more with less.” She also suggests using other ISPA members as a resource. “Call ISPA colleagues and ask them what is working for them! We are sharing these challenges and are learning as we go along. Let’s help each other.” If you’re feeling stretched thin, so are your employees. Make a point to thank or reward team members who are working extra hard for the benefit of the entire group. Stimpson suggests focusing much more of your attention on these people than on your under-performing ones, saying “others will learn from their positive example.” n F E AT U R E D S O U R C E S KATIE CASTELLANOS AMBER LEGLER ELLA STIMPSON Spa Director Abundant Health Day Spa Chief Operating Manager Astara Skin Care NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA AVONDALE, ARIZONA Director of Spa, Fitness and Racquet Sports The Spa at Sea Island SEA ISLAND, GEORGIA June 2017 ■ PULSE 31