Pulse June 2017 - Page 25

The wedding lounge at The Beach House Spa is the perfect place for brides and their maids to relax and prepare for the big day. tional systems isn’t glamorous, it is a necessity with a new business. The good news is, starting from scratch means The Beach House Spa is able to start out with the latest in spa technology. They don’t have to worry about the pitfalls of outdated systems. “The challenge of course is using and training ourselves and our staff on new, very sophisticated technology,” says Roche. “But, because we are new, we will have several opportunities to train our staff as a group instead of wasting time and money training staff members individually.” Before opening, Roche is making a point to fill as many positions as possible and undergo as much staff training as she can fit in. This way, upon opening day, her team is more than prepared. All staff will be CPR certified, trained in booking software, and will undergo product training before opening day. Roche has also made it a priority to train her staff in self-care practices. “We want to make sure their role as healers is supported by us and their work experience at The Beach House is positive and strong from the start.” Branding, Marketing and Attracting Spa Guests Because The Beach Club Spa is housed in a resort club community, Corcoran has an opportunity to target an initial customer base by offering Ocean Edge Club Members a 15 percent discount on all retail and services. “We’re hoping this discount will keep our regular bread and butter base happy while attracting more people to become Ocean Edge members.” In addition to a base of Ocean Edge members, Corcoran is implementing unique program offerings and a neutral, nautical theme to attract a wide range of additional spa guests. “We wanted the design of The Beach House Spa to be gender neutral,” notes Corcoran. “It’s a casually elegant place with a comfortable beachy vibe. We deter- mined from the start that we were interested in attracting new populations to the spa: millennials, men, and people who do not consider themselves regular spa goers. We wanted anyone to feel comfortable walking through our front door.” To attract these populations, Corcoran is designing programming that includes a beginner’s meditation class, a “broga” class for newbies, a local craft beer tasting, and a drumming class. She June 2017 ■ PULSE 23