Pulse June 2017 - Page 23

The massage rooms at The Spa allow guests to completely escape. “We are glad to see that more and more guests are interested in wellness therapies and Eastern treatments, and they have become more health conscious,” says Luzon. “We use their preferences and constructive feedback to continuously add new offers throughout the year that are in line with their needs.” An interesting way of doing that is revamping hotel and spa food offerings to compliment new treatment options. This allows guests to feel they are getting a more well-rounded experience. Says Luzon, “Our latest addition to the menu of Jasmine Lounge - our café located in the female Spa - is fresh raw vegan dishes along with slow-extracted juices. Our Executive Chef Stefano Andreoli is a great ambassador of health-conscious cuisine and we are very lucky to have him on board with us.” For Luzon, these spa menu updates are constant throughout the year. “We revisit our competitive analysis of the market on a regular basis to make sure we always create something extraordinary for our guests,” she notes. Staff Training Because their menu is constantly being reevaluated, The Spa at Bahrain Bay is dedicated to regular staff training and education. Annually, The Spa brings in product line experts to train the staff on best practices and uses. The Spa also runs in-house trainings bi-monthly during the busy months and monthly during the off- season to ensure the staff is always prepared to give guests the highest level of service. “These trainings guarantee that our staff will be able to provide the utmost in luxury service and expertise to our guests,” adds Luzon. “It’s what sets Four Seasons Bahrain Bay at such a high level in our guests’ minds.” Marketing Solutions While it’s true the Middle East is a hotspot for wellness tourism, that only means the market is more competitive for The Spa at Four Seasons Bahrain Bay. “The Kingdom of Bahrain is a relatively small island in size, yet rich in history and culture,” says Luzon. “Hence the market is very competitive and indeed abundant in stand-alone and hotel spas.” And while it is a beautiful and unique addition to the Manama skyline, The Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is still fairly new, having opened in March 2015. They still are working to earn the market’s trust. To do this, The Spa is extremely active on social media, using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ to reach a range of potential guests. Luzon also partners with Four Seasons sister properties to capitalize on their particular expertise. “One of our most successful counter promotions is the Thailand Collection, which includes exclusive treatments from Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai,” explains Luzon. “We launched this promotion last September and ran it for two months with the support of two excellent spa therapists from Chiang Mai. The feedback from our customers was so great that we decided to launch it once again in 2017. We offer eight treatments under this initiative and it’s currently available both for males and females.” These partnerships allow The Spa at Four Seasons Bahrain Bay to expand their expertise and attract a broader range of guests. Plus, Luzon has found that mixing up her spas offerings proves beneficial. It never hurts to keep people on their toes. SPA QUICK FACTS Spa open date: March 1, 2015 Facilities/amenities: 17 treatment rooms, unisex gym, female gym, 5 swimming experiences, salt inhalation room, jacuzzi, cool mist room, prayer room, Antigravity Yoga, Percentage of guests (male vs. female): 60% males, 40% females Number of full-time spa staff: 40 Product lines used: ila, Coola Most used marketing channel: members’ newsletter, website, social media, in-house promotional tools Website: fourseasons.com/bahrain/ Phone Number: +973 1.711.5000 Facebook: facebook.com/ FourSeasonsHotelBahrainBay Instagram: @fsbahrain Twitter: @fsbahrain June 2017 ■ PULSE 21