Pulse June 2017 - Page 21

BRILLIANT IDEA Massage Envy has introduced a first-of-its-kind self-care program, treating therapists and estheticians like professional wellness athletes to encourage health and wellbeing among staff. It includes new techniques for warming up, recovery and building overall body strength to help therapists and estheticians operate at peak performance, and also covers preventative care, best practices, training and tools so that therapists can be proactive in taking better care of themselves, and franchisees can cultivate an environment where self-care is a priority. MEMBER UPDATES 1 1. Sundara Inn & Spa in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin announced the property’s first expansion, which will include a second outdoor pool, expanded culinary experience, rooftop gardens, retreat space and new fitness areas. Construction began in the spring of 2017 and will last one year. 2 2. Matrix Fitness launched a new collection of products and programming including the Versa Functional Trainer, Versa Duals, 3xe and 1xe Consoles, and MX4 Training System, designed to meet the needs of a wider range of fitness facilities. 3. Noel Asmar of Noel Asmar Group Inc. was recognized by the Surrey Board of Trade for their 2017 Women in Business Entrepreneur category. 4. [ comfort zone ] and Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort in Corona, 4 3 California announced a partnership which includes the launch of [ comfort zone ] products and treatments in the resort’s spa. 5. FarmHouse Fresh completed design of their 8,700 square foot corporate headquarters and founder Shannon McLinden’s personal residence in McKinney, Texas. The headquarters features a working farm and animal sanctuary, serves as a training facility for spa estheti- cians and massage therapists, and houses the company’s operation, design and product development teams. 5 6 6. Four Seasons Bahrain Bay is hosting a Ramadan celebration throughout the month of June, which includes spa specials as well as a buffet of global cuisine and traditional music in the Arabesque themed Al Bahrain ballroom overlooking the Arabian Gulf. GIVING BACK 1. Massage Heights announced that it raised $31,500 for its nonprofit 1 2 organization, the Massage Heights Family Fund to help provide financial relief and assistance to U.S. Massage Heights Retreat team members and their families in times of crisis, need or hardship. 2. Eastern Vibration has teamed up with Christine Clinton Cancer Care to bring healing touch and sound therapy to spa clients with cancer. The Touch and Vibration for Cancer Care program teaches therapist how to work with cancer patients and use sound vibration for therapy. June 2017 ■ PULSE 19