Pulse June 2017 - Page 44

Improving Men’s Health Through the Spa BY KELLY HEITZ Men in the Spa The good news is, male spa attendance is already on the rise. According to ISPA’s ongoing research through Consumer Snapshot Studies, the proportion of spa-goers who are male has shot up from 31 percent less than 10 years ago to 47 percent and growing. “Men are starting to realize spa isn’t just for women,” says Claudine Riemer, spa director at the Sabila Spa Villa Del Palmar in Loreto, Mexico. “As the population is aging, men too are realizing the importance of being healthy and taking care of themselves.” Renvye Byrd, spa director at Safety Harbor Resort in Safety Harbor, Florida agrees: “Men are also becoming increasingly aware of the fact that spas are not only about beauty and pampering, but mostly about health and wellness, which is for everyone, gentlemen included. This shift in mindset is a huge contributor to the rise in male spa atten- dance.” The same Consumer Snapshot Study found that men are going to spas because they are stressed out and tired. Most work in management positions and use the spa as a break from their hect ̸ٕAȁѡՑ+q ɕѼ́չѕа)ѡȁ́ɔѼɕ)ȁٕ́ɕ쁄ɔѡЁ)ѼɕѕѼȁٕ́ɽ̴()AU1M+Z))չ))չ́5é!Ѡ5Ѡݡ́ѼɽєѠ)ݕ́ɽչѡݽɱɑѼѡ)5é!Ѡ9ݽɬɅх́ɔ)ѡ͕ٕ́ѡݽ]ѠѡЁӊéЁɥͥ)ѡЁ5!8ͼɕ́ѡЁɔ她ٕɅٔ)啅́չȁѡѡݽѡݽɱQ́хѥѥ)͕́хɥЁՍѡչ䁥́ѡ)əЁͥѥѼи)]́ѕɍٕ́ٽȰ)ݡɕ䁉Ѡ͕́͡ձͥɽ٥)ѡȁٕɅѠ́ѕ́Ѡݕ́)́ɔչՕ䁅ѼхѼѡɭ)ɽٔѡѥѡЁݕ́и)Mɕѵ́ɕ́ȁٔѡѥȁ̸MMY)Aȁ́ɔх䁍ѕɥѡѵɔѼѡȁѕɕ̸