Pulse July 2018 - Page 98

“a rising tide raises all ships.” i HavE BEEN told i aM a coNNEctor. To me, that is a compliment. My brain is constantly on overdrive, thinking of ways to link seemingly unrelated people, places and stories. That’s why I love my role at ISPA. It is all about building relationships and connecting people within the spa industry to each other and to those outside the industry who deserve to know more about the incredible work you do. Since 1991, the ISPA board of directors, the membership and staff have worked tirelessly to make the ISPA Conference & Expo a hub for building meaningful relationships in the spa industry. That is why there are now an unprecedented number of corporate spa director trainings centered around this event. There’s no better place to learn, network and forge partnerships than at the ISPA Conference & Expo. Relationships and friendships are the lifeblood of this organization. The community we develop at the ISPA Conference & Expo makes the rest of the year better and more successful for the entire spa industry. Spa directors come to Conference to learn and grow as leaders, but also support ISPA resource partners who put their time, money and resources into this organization. Ou r sponsors and exhibitors choose the ISPA Conference & Expo to get their brand and innovative products directly in front of spa decision-makers, but they’re also there to build meaningful and personal connections that can last a lifetime. We are beyond grateful for their generosity. Please show the love and support those that support ISPA! In addition, ISPA is the only place each year that brings all our valuable industry groups together. From corporate leaders and industry affiliates to students, emerging entrepreneurs and everyone in between, these groups come together over one week to strengthen and grow the ISPA family. We are grateful for the continued commitment to ISPA and the Conference. Every year I’m in awe of the meaningful connections we all make, and with a theme like CONNECT, I'm confident this year won’t be any different. —lyNNE McNEEs, isPa PrEsidENt 96 PULSE ■ July 2018 coNNEct WitH ME oN facEBooK! lynne Walker McNees