Pulse July 2018 - Page 85

sothys usa, inc. sothys-usa.com if you had to pick one key fact or insight about your business that you want customers to connect with, what would it be and why? The key point that we want to share with spa operators is partnership. Sothys has been dedicated to partnering with technicians, spas, resorts and the spa industry in general for over 70 years. Our commitment to ongoing support and education of the businesses that we partner with is unmatched. In a world of online training and digital media, we stand by hands-on education and personal relation- ships. Sothys brings innovative products and treatments to the forefront, and the hard work that we conduct with our spa partners is what sets us apart so that we can all celebrate together. how does your brand continually work to connect with spas throughout the year? Sothys has a global community of over 120 countries. With this world of spas and technicians we strive to connect through consistent communication, new product launches driven by technology and innovation, educational support, bi-annual regional seminars, and most importantly by having a team that believes in all that Sothys can offer to a spa business. Our team is well-experienced to bring ideas and innovation, passionate about the spa industry, and all have a service heart. well-being. Whether you are into fitness or into having supple and toned skin, you will love this new range of treatments and homecare. Sothys is bringing inspired, innovative, fresh products to introduce to your spa. Join us on this adventure in skincare, body care and beauty! product spotlight The New Sothys Athletics Line is the 360-degree answer to July 2018 ■ PULSE 83