Pulse July 2018 - Page 84

gold sPoNsors saltability and touchamerica saLtabiLity.com touchamerica.com if you had to pick one key fact or insight about your business that you want customers to connect with, what would it be and why? s: Himalayan salt is born from the Primal Sea, where all life origi- nated, and infused with minerals to nourish the body. We love being able to take this unique, natural gift from the earth and help spas create beautiful experiences for guests. t: TouchAmerica formed in 1983 when Stewart Griffith built a portable massage table for Robin Zill, a budding massage therapist and his soon-to-be wife. TouchAmerica is still a family business operating on an international platform, continually seeking opportunities to create products that make lives healthier. how does your brand continually work to connect with spas throughout the year? s: We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers with personal service. In addition, we connect through regular email communications, social media and education—we know the better we educate our clients, the more successful they will be. t: After several decades of manufacturing spa equipment and furniture, we are in constant communication with our spa customers to support their needs. This gives us an opportunity to learn about new trends and pushes us to continue to develop innovative equipment. product spotlight s: UL-listed, U.S. engineered and patent-pending, Saltability’s Bamboo Warming Tray has quickly become one of our top sellers. It represents our company because it is innovative and eco-friendly through its design. t: TouchAmerica’s Legato is a combi- nation super-comfortable, zero-gravity lounger that incorporates acoustic resonance therapy, which is built into the body of the lounge. It creates an environment that entrains the mind and body.