Pulse July 2018 - Page 82

gold sPoNsors jane iredale JaneiredaLe.com if you had to pick one key fact or insight about your business that you want customers to connect with, what would it be and why? One key factor would be the caring nature of our business. We care what we put in our products. We care about the impact they have on the skin and the difference they make to our customers’ lives. We care about our customer service and how we represent our brand. We care about the models we pick for our marketing and how we interact with consumers on social media. We care about our contribution to the world in general through our philanthropy. And we care deeply about the way we treat our employees. how does your brand continually work to connect with spas throughout the year? We connect with them through our field team spread throughout the country, who visit our spas regularly to help them with product selection, training and sell-through. But more than that, they have developed real nurturing partnerships with each other. Social media provides an active, educational and fun way to stay connected 24 hours a day if needed. And lastly but certainly not the least, is our Business Services department, which has developed SKIN BEAUTY, inside & out relationships with our spa partners that go back decades. We’re all in this together! product spotlight Our multiple award- winning PurePressed Base best represents what we believe makeup should be—clean, protective, good for the skin, easy to use, doesn’t look like makeup and gives a flawless finish. It also has the number-one anti- aging attribute—sun protection. NEW THE SKINCARE SUPPLEMENTS Targeted formul as to reveal your most radiant skin. Skin Antioxidant The powerhouse vÀiiÀ>`ˆV>w}…ÌiÀ° Skin Accumax ® The natural acne solution. Skin Omegas Skin Vitamin A The perfect companion /…i>˜Ìˆ‡>}ˆ˜} to your topical moisturizer. vitamin. 2018 SPONSOR #TheSkincareSupplements janeiredale.com