Pulse July 2018 - Page 77

book4time book4time.com if you had to pick one key fact or insight about your business that you want customers to connect with, what would it be and why? Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and continuous innovation in everything we do to help our clients accomplish their goals. Our clients are in the business of providing outstanding service, so whatever we can do behind the scenes to help them achieve their goal, we’ll do it. Since we touch every aspect of their clients’ journey—from booking and intake forms to check-in/out and feedback— we are the technology that puts it all together for our clients. how does your brand continually work to connect with spas throughout the year? We connect with spas mainly through two touchpoints: SaaS and the human factor. Being a SaaS (Software as a Service), our clients are continually connecting with us. They use our platform every day, so we are connected from a technology/digital perspective, unlike traditional software where there is no connection. We have also taken the communication beyond digital—thinking of the human factor. We connect with spas through personal initiatives like tradeshows and industry events and have Spa Executive, our own digital platform that allows us to reach spas on a larger scale about several different topics. product spotlight Last year, we launched Guest Intake, the industry’s first mobile-based intake system that allows our clients to take customers’ waiver forms and medical history online or on mobile and have them sign digitally, which is GDPR compliant. It also enables the therapist to take notes on the client’s form digitally.