Pulse July 2018 - Page 74

PlatiNuM sPoNsor technogym technoGymusa.com What is your recipe for success when nurturing new business connections? Innovation inspires great conversation, helps establish new business relation- ships and pushes the boundaries for customers. Technogym has an interesting story to tell as a brand, and this helps nurture new business. When people hear how our brand inspires wellness in so many ways, they automatically become more intrigued by our company. From wellness education to product devel- opment to our work to fight obesity globally, Technogym has all the ingre- dients needed to inspire connection. We seek out the most passionate, talented design teams and work with elite olympic athletes to better under- stand how to apply principals of athletic training to everyday fitness. To effectively nurture new business connections, you must live, breathe, and love what you do. That is what drives people to want to connect with Technogym. — mark zambianchi president, north america 72 PULSE ■ July 2018 if you had to pick one key fact or insight about your business that you want customers to connect with, what would it be and why? At Technogym, we take a global approach to wellness and that is what we want for our customers. We want them to enjoy products that provide the best design, based on the latest science in a stimulating environment that motivates them to apply wellness principals to the rest of their lives. The wellness lifestyle is based on activity, a healthy diet and a positive mental approach to life. Our president, Nerio Alessandri often talks about wellness being an opportunity for everyone, and we are trying to help people see that opportunity and take it. how does your brand continually work to connect with spas throughout the year? We consider ourselves part of the family. Technogym has a long-standing relationship with ISPA. We strive to make a difference in people’s lives and create memorable experi- ences. We value the partnerships we have, and we are constantly looking for opportunities to serve our clients. The spa industry looks for design and wellness brands that help extend their story at every touchpoint of their customer’s experience. That’s why we learn as much as we can about our clients’ needs, so we can continually create new products and experiences that enhance the excitement for the wellness lifestyle. product spotlight SKILLBIKE is a revolutionary new stationary cycle that allows users to train for power or endurance while providing the experience of natural training outdoors. It was created from a collaboration between champion riders and Technogym’s world-class R&D department, which has harnessed the latest exercise science and technology to establish itself as the benchmark in the sports world. n