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NEtWorKiNg guidE By jaMisoN stoiKE Tips for Networking at the ISPA Conference & Expo (Even If that Means Going Outside Your Comfort Zone) the best part about the ispa conference & expo? the people. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, making connections to new friends, swapping ideas with your peers and cultivating professional relationships is the key to maximizing your ISPA Conference experience. Of course, networking with ISPA’s more than 2,400 attendees is easier said than done, especially if you’re an introvert or new to the industry. Fortunately, you can kickstart your efforts with a few simple tips and tricks from networking experts and perennial ISPA attendees. 1. First-Timer? Get there early. On Sunday, September 23, members of ISPA’s Volunteer Committee will lead a First-Timer’s Orientation. Consider it a one-stop-shop for strategies and advice straight from some of ISPA’s most experienced Conference-goers. Not only will this help you network once the big event begins, but it will also be a great opportunity to meet other first-timers who are in the same boat as you. 2. Do your homework. With three full days of the ISPA Conference & Expo, it’s likely that you’ll end up bumping into someone you’ve been dying to meet. When that happens, it pays to be prepared. Pick out a few people you want to meet while you’re in Phoenix. Look them up, learn about their business and see if you have any common interests that you can talk about when you strike up a conver- sation. Planning and strategizing before you arrive also eliminates a source of stress — and a time-waster — once you’re on- site. Download the ISPA Conference & Expo app (available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play) so you’ll have all 58 PULSE ■ July 2018 the info you need to draw up a plan of attack. Try doing your prep work on the flight to Phoenix to put you in the best position possible for networking success from the get-go. Michael Conte, director of spa and wellness at Meadowood Napa Valley, agrees that preparation is paramount: “I like to go in on day one, walk up and d vFR6W2BFRv6fVF'2B&F2vBF6V7BvFFRfVF'2&R'W7F6&R66FW&FR`&FW"FRBFV'3F( B7F'W7Bf"g&VV&R( У2W6RFR6V7F2^( fR&VGFR6FRffW&VBWF2FF( ĖbRv&vFfVF'2FB&RW&FrBFR56fW&V6R`W6FVFG&GV6RRF6RbFV"FW"'WW'0"'FW'2N( 2w&VBvFWGv&&V6W6R^( &VGfR6WFr6(