Pulse July 2018 - Page 45

r E ta i l s a l E s creating positive cashflow with “open to buy” “You’ll leave with confi- dence—the confidence that you now understand and are able to implement the inventory control process to improve your profitability.” speaker: tom shay this session Will connect you With… The solution to putting your retail inventory to work to greatly improve the profitability of your spa. Outside of owning the building, what is the biggest asset a spa has? It is the inventory. Yet inventory sitting on a shelf is much like burying money in a jar in your back yard. Shay will give you all the tools necessary to connect stagnant inventory to profits. session description: This session will teach you how inventory control should be done. Shay explains how inventory control should work within a point-of-sale system, or even something as simple as a legal pad, for anticipating sales and determining how much inventory is needed. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Why inventory turn should be the biggest contributor to improving profitability. 2. Why knowing your ordering options is crucial for planning when and how much to order. 3. How anticipated sales and inventory should have a very direct relationship. salEs mastering the art & science of upselling: sell more...sell more easily “You will leave this session with a belief that you can generate additional revenue and the techniques to back it up!” speaker: merit Gest this session Will connect you With… A solution for growing revenue in a non- aggressive way that honors guests and clients. Are you concerned you are leaving money on the table, but don’t want to be pushy or salesy? Both spa and resource partner attendees will connect with Gest’s tips and strategies for upselling with ease. session description: Upselling does not have to be pushy or aggressive. When executed properly guests and prospective clients feel more connected and well- served. At the same time, spa owners, managers, service providers or sales reps all feel good about helping people achieve their wellness goals while adding to the bottom line profit at the same time. This session will show you how to specifically set up opportunities to upsell and serve your guests and prospective clients with integrity. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Your own personal blocks to selling and upselling. 2. Specific language proven to work in the real world. 3. A practice strategy to set up sales comfortably. n ispa’s speaker seLection taskForce, a dedicated group of your ispa peers, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to whittle 80 applications down to just 25 sessions. cLick here to see the members on the taskforce so you can thank them for their hard work! July 2018 ■ PULSE 43