Pulse July 2018 - Page 42

tHE EducatioN coNNEctioN c o N t i N u E d f r o M Pa g E 3 9 MarKEtiNg digital persuasion: sell smarter in the modern marketplace “Activate word-of-mouth marketing by empowering advocates and influencers to socially and visually share experiences, treatments and products.” speaker: erin Gargan this session Will connect you With… Practical takeaways for creating more shareable content using influencers, live video and other social media trends. A lot has changed in the social media world in the last six months, so Gargan will make sure ISPA attendees feel equipped to evolve their social strategies to take advantage of new technologies, formats and strategies. session description: What inspires us to share with others? Why do we share some posts to our trusted network but not others? How can marketers persuade today’s social, mobile and digital customer to endorse their messaging with the all-powerful share? The first step to building a stronger social strategy is cultivating a stronger sharing strategy. Understanding the psychology behind why we share what types of content with whom is the key to harnessing the incredibly viral, word-of-mouth power of social media. Using Gargan’s formula, you’ll leave empowered and equipped to persuade your audience to endorse more of your content with the almighty share. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. How to maximize the powerful psychological principles of social media sharing. 2. How to better utilize influencers and advocates to amplify your message for you in a visual way. 3. The Three Step Digital Persuasion Formula for persuading your audience to share more of your content with their trusted network. become a social media marketing superstar “Social media has immense potential for advertisers beyond just posts, likes and shares. Anyone can be a social media advertising superstar!” speakers: Wanda Love and angela cortright this session Will connect you With… Specific step-by-step instructions on how to use social media (specifically Facebook and Instagram) to target your ideal audience. Love and Cortright will demonstrate best practices on how to use the Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager, how to use existing assets (mailing lists, etc.) to leverage the more than 2 billion people on social media, how to drive traffic to specific outcomes, and so much more. session description: Dive into the depths of Facebook and Instagram marketing with this comprehensive presentation that provides a detailed path to your social advertising success. You’ll discover the robust advertising options available, how to establish your objectives, define your audiences, create compelling ad creative, monitor and measure each campaign and have tangible results to report to your team. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Understand the power of the Facebook/Instagram advertising platform. 2. Unearth new ways of marketing to your existing customers and finding new ones. 3. Learn step by step how to become a social media advertising superstar. (CONTINUEd ON PAgE 42) 40 PULSE ■ July 2018