Pulse July 2018 - Page 40

tHE EducatioN coNNEctioN c o N t i N u E d f r o M Pa g E 3 6 top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Ways to take care of employees while also increasing profits. 2. Tips to implementing employee benefits in a traditionally contract world. 3. Information on reducing employee turnover to reduce hidden expenses and increase profits and operational efficiencies. lEadErsHiP & MaNagEMENt tell me more – Leadership through active Listening “Active listening is the foundation for great leadership.” speaker: michael sherlock this session Will connect you With… Self-awareness and strategies for enhancing your full potential as a leader—for your team and your company. During this session, you will connect these key strategies directly to your daily business and use your own real-world issues to facilitate solutions. session description: Tell Me More is about listening intently and using what you learn to develop those around you to make better decisions on their own. Although a simple concept, it is not easy. Only three key magic ingredients are required: actively listen with focus and intent, unpack the issue and facilitate the solution. These three ingredients, working in tandem, allow managers to become stronger leaders while also developing highly successful individuals and teams that positively impact the bottom line. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. A mastery of the Tell Me More strategy to develop greater commitment to company success. 2. An understanding of the keys to active listening. 3. Real-world scenarios and solutions to show you how to impact your team, and your business, immediately. From Group to team: a revolutionary Way to elevate your team to achieve optimum performance “Amazing company culture is never dictated. It is always co-created!” speakers: susan Leahy and sara Jones this session Will connect you With… A path to consciously cultivate and inten- tionally develop a powerful culture of team. In a professional environment, when a group of people come together, they will automatically co-create a unique culture, separate from the mission and values of the organization. Leahy and Jones will help you deliberately match your culture with your mission for a more cohesive team. session description: From Group to TEAM will be a powerful co-facilitated breakout session led by certified speaking professional and Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions co-founder Susan Leahy and spa and wellness expert Sara Jones. Together they will deliver a dynamic and interactive new approach to gener- ating TEAM within your organization to elevate performance. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. The currency of TEAM and how to generate more of it to impact the customer experience. 2. The three levels of respect as well as the level required to build TEAM. 3. The three reflections of TEAM and how to immediately implement them into your organization. 38 PULSE ■ July 2018