Pulse July 2018 - Page 38

tHE EducatioN coNNEctioN HiriNg & rEtENtioN interviewing and hiring the best! “You need a tangible tool kit that can be instantly used to attract and hire professional, passionate, talented, reliable and committed team members who are happy and stay.” speaker: Joy baldridge Let’s talk about your talent Growth “You must be deliberate about developing a talent management plan so that you can compete and attract the best of the best!” speaker: rita craig Why putting your employees First means everyone Wins “Happy employees who feel appreciated and work within a culture of care thrive, and when your employees thrive, so does your business.” speaker: alissa bayer this session Will connect you With… One of the most important reasons for hiring and retaining top talent is because without exceptional hires you cannot provide exceptional service to spa clients. session description: Interviewing and hiring the best employees creates the solid foundation for your spa from which everything builds. In this highly interactive and insightful session, you will learn tangible tools for attracting, analyzing and making the best hires. Business will flourish best when you have the right people in place. You will learn how to hire for skill, experience and attitude. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Three key ways to attract top talent. 2. Ten of the best interview questions to ask and the answers to look for. 3. Taking the stress out of interviewing and hiring talent. this session Will connect you With… Unique approaches to attract and retain your most valuable resource—people! Finding winning candidates isn’t impossible when you are deliberate about developing and implementing an innovative talent management plan. session description: Are you having a challenging time finding and keeping top talent? Could your workplace culture use a bit of a refresh? Join Craig as she shares trends in talent management, innovative best practices and actions you can take that will help you become a talent magnet! Participants will roll up their sleeves and participate in a highly interactive session focused on developing a high impact talent blueprint for success. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Discover how to become a talent magnet. 2. Learn innovative recruitment and retention strategies. 3. Develop a game-changing talent management plan. this session Will connect you With… A new way to look at employee retention and satisfaction. Bayer will provide data-driven and accessible solutions for moving beyond the contractor model and/or percentage method of paying employees. It may sound scary, but it will pay huge dividends in the future. Ultimately, Bayer wants to educate attendees on this simple and yet oft-overlooked philosophy: engaged, happy employees are easier to manage, train and retain. By focusing on your employee satisfaction and building a culture where your team can thrive, everyone—employees, clients, and shareholders—will win. session description: Build growth and loyalty through the “Virtuous Cycle.” This interactive session presented by lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of milk + honey, Alissa Bayer, will offer valuable insights into why putting your employees first creates a virtuous cycle for everyone: your customers, employees, and the bottom line. (CONTINUEd ON PAgE 38) 36 PULSE ■ July 2018