Pulse July 2018 - Page 37

diversify our A-team? All of these questions, and a lot more, are posed in a non-threatening, participatory environment that encourages honest and transparent discussion. Thought- AND action-provoking questions get people re-examining where they are headed and how they lead! top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Customer Experience: How to shatter the stereotype of the experience your clients expect to have with you. 2. What’s Possible Market Opportunity: What can we do to stay on the edge of the “what’s possible” and market opportunity? 3. Great Ideas From “A” Players: Given that “A” players can work anywhere they want, what should we be doing to attract and retain “A” players? fiNaNcE plan to Win: Financial planning for strategic success “A budget is simply a financial depiction of a business’s strategic plans.” speaker: betsy Leahy spa yielding: a holistic approach to optimize revenue “The traditional spa archetype is antiquated, inefficient and awkward. We can change that.” speakers: simon b. marxer and cecil hopper this session Will connect you With… Ideas for de-mystifying your financial budget and forecasting process. A budget is merely a tool to support strategic plans and, as such, it begins with strategic planning. Attendees will learn to connect strategic plans to not only their mission and vision, but also their budgets as well. session description: Learn to align your mission, vision, strategic and business plans to turn your budget into a “Profit Plan.” Learn the right questions to consider when making business financial decisions. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. Tips and best practices for better budgeting. 2. Strategy on a Page (SOAP). 3. Key metrics for financial decisions. this session Will connect you With… A step by step look into analyzing the spa business model and how to identify opportunities for enhancement. You’ll be given tools that will allow you to adopt a quantitative approach to your own unique business model and improve both the spa experience for consumers and your bottom line results. session description: Reviewing tools to implement a yielding strategy that optimizes revenue through analytics and resource management. Marxer and Hopper will present an approach to adopting a demand-based scheduling practice and driving profitability by leveraging customer demand. top 3 takeaways you Won’t go Home Without: 1. An approach to determining the profitability of your menu offerings. 2. A strategy to adjust the timing of offerings to optimize revenue at each hour. 3. Metrics to monitor and maintain an optimized spa operation. July 2018 ■ PULSE 35