Pulse July 2018 - Page 36

the education By KElly HEitz the number one reason ispa conFerence & expo attendees return year-aFter-year is the high level of education they can directly apply to their businesses, careers and lives. As ISPA’s Speaker Selection Task Force diligently combs through hundreds of applications, interviews and video presentations, they ask themselves (and each other) one thing: how will this speaker connect with ISPA members? It’s so important that each session gives you the inspiration, motivation and ideas you desire to elevate yourself and your teams within the spa industry. ISPA’s Education Sessions are meant to connect you with actionable tools for success. This is the Education Connection. Here you’ll find the 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo education speakers (as of May 23, 2018), their session descriptions and how they’ll help you make the connection between the ISPA Conference and home. Use this guide to make note of the sessions you don’t want to miss and head to attendispa.com to check out the latest speaker additions! c u s to M E r s E r v i c E mind the Gap— how to avoid Gaps in spa Guests’ experiences “Guests will buy at their value, not yours!” speaker: anja WfVW"WG'V66VƐF26W76v6V7BRvF( bWr&V6&2f"WfVFp7vVW72fFW72ffW&w2W"W7F&Ɨ6VBW6VVB6W'f6R2FR&ƗGFFVƗfW"vB&fFW"&֗6W2v6V2FB&fFW'2f'7BVVBFpBFVfRvBFWvBB6FVƗfW"F22&6VB&FFfGVVVG0BwVW7BWV7FF26W76FW67&FFF( 27GW7G'vW&R&6R&GV7G2B6W'f6W2&PgFVfW'6֖"r6WFF'2B2W76VFf"7'W6W76W2F7&VFPVVRwVW7BWW&V6W2FBW7F&Ɨ6rFW&GfFvRfW"FR6RЧFFF26W76W2r7W7FW"FVƖvB27&VFVB'FVFgr@&VfrWv2FR7wVW7N( 2WW&V6R'vVfrFV&WF6FV0FƖ6&R&VƖfRWW2g&7W&F2F26W76v6rPvBFV62bFR7WW&V6RGFW"7BFwVW7G2F2FVv2Rv( BvRvFWC&V62v67W7FW"6F6f7F2B7Vff6VBf"7W7F&P7FWfR'2FR7@FW'fWsW762VFW'6( f"f6&R'GRЦFW2vW&RWfW'RV6Pǒ6VW2f6&RƖ֗FF2( Ч7VW#VfbF&P3@T4P)jVǒ#6WFFfR'W6W72GfFvR"r7W7FW"FVƖvB27&VFVB'FVFgrB&Vfrv2FR7wVW7N( 26W'f6RWW&V6R2wVW7G>( &62&WV&VVG2f"6W'f6RBr'W6W726( v~( FV wVW7G2BG'VǒRFffW&V6RF26W76v6V7BRvF( bv2F6WBW'6Vb'Bg&WfW'PV6RBGW&W"'W6W72FVW6FRFv'f'7BFW6vrWr7W7FW WW&V6RBFVv&r&6v&G2FRFBWW&V6RV6W76FW67&FW6r6Ɨ2g&WfW"&Vf&R6VVREbFW'fWrvF7FWfR'2F&RvWG2VRF67W76rFV"G&V2FV"vRBWfV7( 'VW>( FBFW6VBFVFǒ'&VvN( 2FR7BVF6W2FrPvVBFW"'W6W72bRWrR6VF( BfvW&R6VBRvFvWBWrFV2f"W"&v旦FvFFV2&V6R6VBBrFvP