Pulse July 2018 - Page 32

solviNg iNdustry ProBlEMs By daNa caMPBEll ovErcoMiNg BurNout: 21 Actionable Steps to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed in your Career and Life daNa caMPBEll is the CEO of Optimize Corps, a change resilience coaching and consulting firm. She has more than 15 years of experience guiding some of the world’s largest organizations through change and has coached hundreds of leaders to transform their own relationship with stress. Recently, Campbell spoke at the 1st Annual Women in Wellness Conference. Learn more at optimizecorps.com 30 PULSE ■ July 2018 tHE first tiME i ENcouNtErEd a BurNt-out yoga tEacHEr, it Was sHocKiNg. She was an inspiring woman who embodied the practices of yoga and meditation on a very deep level. It made no sense how someone who was so grounded and spent her days immersed in mind-body practices could succumb to what I saw as strictly a corporate-world epidemic. And yet, it happened. When researchers started looking at burnout in the 1970s, they didn’t tackle the wolves of Wall Street, instead they turned their eyes on healthcare providers. What they found was that it wasn’t just the massive demands on their time or the pressure cooker environments these professionals operate in, it was the added burden of caring for others’ wellbeing that tipped the scale on workplace stress. In the nearly 50 years since that initial research was conducted, workplace burnout is now wide spread with more than 50 percent of the American workforce self-reporting as burned out. Couple this with the ever-increasing pace of change, maddening influx of information and general overwhelm, and it’s no wonder we are having to redefine what it means to truly be well. Gone are the days where your MD was your first stop for advice and treatment, now the savvy well seeker has assembled an entire team of experts to care for their wellbeing, i.e. a naturopath, massage therapist, chiropractor, energy healer, life coach and esthetician. As more and more people take charge of their wellness and make self-care a regular practice to cope with the stress of everyday life, you as spa professionals are primed to make an even greater difference in your clients’ lives. But you can’t support or give to others if your tank is empty. You must put your own oxygen mask on before you help