Pulse January / February 2019 - Page 45

What if we have it backwards? The fact of the matter is that every time you’ve set a goal for yourself has been because you believed you would be happier once you achieve it. So, what’s the real goal? It’s happiness! Instead of thinking, “I need to achieve my goal to be happy,” you can flip it: “I need to be happy to achieve my goal.” you do so because you feel you’re supposed to, need to or should do it. It’s a pulling force, so it can be very draining on your energy. And, if you don’t get the outcome or response you expected based on what motivated you to act, it can feel like a crushing blow of disappointment. But when you act from a place of inspiration, you do it because it feels right from the inside out. You’re coming from a different place—your heart— and, because of that, you feel driven and guided. You’re not doing it because someone else wants you to do it, but because you want to do it. And, for this reason, your effort lifts you up rather than drains you. Even if the outcome isn’t what you had hoped, you can find a sense of peace in knowing you did what felt right for you. There’s tremendous satisfaction and contentment in that. Now, let’s walk through three ways to tap into inspiration, so that your actions, your choices and your life can be inspired. Stay Connected to Your Why At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective, and you get to choose yours all day, every day. Ask yourself often (even daily), “Why did I get into the spa industry?” “Why did I choose (and continue to choose) to do what I do?” Then, simply remind yourself, “I don’t have to do this. I get to do this!” There’s a world of difference in how you feel, the mindset you create and the energy you bring into a room when you feel like you get to be there, rather than have to be there. Both your team and your guests can feel it. So, cultivate this mindset of appreciation by staying connected to your “why,” and you will feel inspired. Prioritize You You’re in a service industry; it makes sense that you would be giving energy out into the world with most of your time. But it’s important to remember that if you want to be a positive advocate and a blessing in other people’s lives, you must first be a positive advocate and a blessing in your own life. The last thing you want is to get burned out, and we all know you can’t give from an empty cup. We’ve all Find your flow by simply seeking out things you love to do, then doing them often! January/February 2019 ■ PULSE 43