Pulse January / February 2019 - Page 14

STAY CONNECTED #ISPAInterviews As part of his ongoing ISPA Interviews series, Lawrence Biscontini traveled to Tecate, Mexico, to speak with Rancho La Puerta about classes offered at the spa. To see more of Lawrence's interviews with spas around the world, visit the International SPA Association YouTube channel. o you ever have a quick question you’d like to ask us? Of course you do! You can easily engage with us through a Facebook message by clicking “Send Message” right on our page below the cover photo. We aim to be as helpful as possible and will respond to you as quickly as we can! D We Want Your Questions! IN AN INSTA Do you follow @ISPAdoyou on Instagram? If not, you’re missing out on a lot of fun! With more than a billion active users every month, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media network. It’s a great place to connect with customers, market your products and keep up with any ISPA member news. INSTAGRAM TIP: The eternal question: should you put your hashtags in your post or as the first comment on your post? The answer: it’s really up to you! The Instagram algorithm will begin analyzing your post as soon as it is published, so the sooner you add your hashtags the better. However, it can be more aesthetically pleasing to have your post caption be just that—the caption—and not have those ugly hashtags take away from that clever pun that fits so artfully with your image. 12 PULSE ■ January/February 2019