Pulse January / February 2018 - Page 8

S ince diving head-first into night I take an extra-long steamy the spa industry a year ago shower, brew a soothing cup of tea and (I know, I can’t believe it has apply my favorite mask of the been almost a full year with moment. While the mask works you amazing people!), I’ve become its magic on my skin, I curl up in obsessed with masks. I love trying out my favorite chair, sip my cup of new products or even mixing my own tea and prepare for the week concoctions at home (which, by the ahead. way, don’t always turn out as I’ve been doing this for a few expected—I still tear up a little when I months and it has made such a think about the charcoal mask gone difference in my outlook for the week. wrong from a few months back). So, as I no longer feel overwhelmed Sunday a little treat to myself, every Sunday nights thinking about how stressful couples who spa together stay together! my hubby and i indulging in a little self-care with an at-home mask. Monday morning might be. Taking the sionals in this month’s Solving Industry time to relax, breathe and enjoy gives Problems (page 28). His suggestions for me the strength and confidence to get integrating self-care into your daily through even the most stressful weeks routine could help you actually stick to a (I’m looking at you Conference issue few of your resolutions this year! deadline week) with a little more grace. Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, This issue is full of suggestions for flip to page 46 for a slew of ideas to get taking care of yourself, your staff and your 2018 personal and professional life your business in 2018. In this month’s off on the right foot. Reading about Conversations, I interview SPARITUAL’s what fellow ISPA members plan for the Shel Pink on her new book, Slow year might be motivation enough to get Beauty, and the inspirations behind her going and make 2018 your best yet! self-care movement. Her individualized guide to slowing down can be applied to even the busiest of executives. Spa industry guru, Lawrence Biscontini also weighs in on self-care for spa profes- follow Kelly @Pulseeditor 6 PULSE ■ @iSPaPulseeditor January/February 2018 —Kelly Heitz, editor