Pulse January / February 2018 - Page 62

iSPa foundation Following her very first ISPA Conference & Expo, 2017 ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship winner, LaTesha foundation Council catches up with me to discuss the benefits of the ISPA Foundation, how it has fostered growth in her career and opportunities for future students. Pitsikalis: Since receiving the ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship, what have you grown to love about the ISPA community? 2017 ISPA FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Council: Hands down the best of the ISPA community is the people. I cannot say enough about the passion of the ISPA members, board members and employees. Everyone has a shared commitment to strengthening our industry, and I am glad to be part of such a wonderful and enthusiastic tribe. CHAIRMAN Frank Pitsikalis ResortSuite VICE CHAIRMAN Sharilyn Abbajay Abbajay & Associates, LLC P: How can ISPA Foundation can help future students looking for a career in the spa industry? LaTesha Council C: By continuing to be an up-to-date educational source for the industry. Currently, not all education programs have a spa or wellness component, so the research, tools and textbooks that are spearheaded by ISPA are vital knowledge resources for interested students. P: Since not many colleges offer spa or wellness components, what advice do you give DIRECTORS Todd Shaw ISPA Chairman Todd Hewitt ISPA Vice Chairman Lynne McNees ISPA President students who would like to learn more about the industry, but don’t know where to start? C: Get hands-on experience while in school to gain clarity on how your strengths can best be used in the industry. This can be done by volunteering with ISPA, obtaining an internship or partnering with a local spa for a school project. P: How do you hope to pay-it-forward for future spa students? C: The one-year mentorship opportunity that is provided as part of the scholarship package has been invaluable and has already been very helpful with my current and future career endeavors. My mentor has helped me foster industry partnerships and has offered timely advice and words of encour- agement. I think that this relationship will remain throughout my spa career. Moreover, it has encouraged me to help or mentor others along the way during my spa career journey. P: We loved having you at this year’s ISPA Conference & Expo. What was your favorite part of the experience? C: I am going to cheat a bit because I had two favorites. One of my favorite moments was Amy Cuddy’s amazing keynote speech. It really made me aware of how I sometimes shrink myself in many situations with my thoughts and body language. So, I am now actively working on my “power pose.” Another favorite was meeting and spending time with Dr. Mary Tabacchi. She is an amazing woman, industry pioneer and firecracker, and I am honored to have received a scholarship in her name. MEDICAL ADVISOR Brent Bauer, M.D. Mayo Clinic HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Ruth Stricker The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness Deborah Szekely WELLNESS WARRIOR The ISPA Foundation wishes to thank the following supporters for their generous contributions: LUMINARY Ruth Stricker BENEFACTOR Dr. Howard Murad PATRON Applications for the 2018 ISPA Foundation Mary Tabbachi Scholarship open March 1. Head to experienceispa.com/ about/ispa-foundation to learn more! Red Door Spas ResortSuite —franK PitSiKaliS, iSPa foundation cHairman 60 PULSE ■ January/February 2018