Pulse January / February 2018 - Page 26

member PerSPectiveS range of additional training options available through Accor Hotels for all spa employees. Her staff appreciates that both the spa and Accor’s corporate leadership want to develop their profes- sional skills. “We greatly benefit from having a corporate well-being division, who have a conscious focus on development of talent, which includes an online catalogue of training information, including SOP’s and protocols,” adds Turner. Staff compensation and benefits are also important factors for attracting and keeping top talent. Willow Stream Spa’s compensation scheme includes treatment and retail commission scales, as well as several employee benefits. Staff members particularly enjoy the well-being benefits, which include a gym membership and a treatment swap each month to keep the team in tip top condition so they can take care of themselves and spa guests. Turner also works closely with the hotel’s talent and culture team to ensure their new hires are welcomed to the island seamlessly. “The timeliness of obtaining all the necessary paperwork for immigration can be a challenge. Working closely with our talent and culture team is imperative to overcoming these obstacles.” In the future, Turner hopes to build a succession and training plan that develops local talent to the required levels, which will secure a bright future for both the spa and the local community. accommodating diverse clientele Willow Stream Spa has two distinct groups to reach. In the summer, guest demographics are 50:50 locals to hotel guests, and in the winter, it is 75:25 locals to hotel guests. Each group looks for different experiences, which means (conTInUED on PAGE 26) turner touts willow Stream Spa as a social place that encourages fun and interactions among guests. 24 PULSE ■ January/February 2018