Pulse January / February 2018 - Page 22

member newS b y ta r a S a l a H e l d i n and Kelly Heitz tHe SPa SHift Announcements marking spa industry players on the move. ● Moroccanoil has announced the appointment of JuE Wong as Chief Executive Officer. ● Arielle Feinberg is the new Director of Spa and Leisure at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa. ● Canyon Ranch has announced Thomas Klein as the brand’s President. 2 1 3 jue wong arielle feinberg thomas Klein member uPdateS 1. Four Seasons Bahrain Bay celebrated the country’s 46th National Day with a two-day celebration on December 16 an  M MˈH[[H\BXY][][ۘ[ܜ[H[[\HX[H\YHXX[][ۘ[^H[X]\[[] ]]\[\\\\Y\XX[H܈H[\›\[ۋ]\[X\YH]Z[\[X][]][]\\H[\[[Y[\وH MXH]\[]\[܈HH]YܞKˈ[X]]H[HX\H\\[YH]Y\ܙH]H[]X[XX[[[XX]K[KHܙH\HX[\HوB]Z[ܙH[HX[^HKH[HX]Y[H[[HZ[YYٙ\\Y\H[Hو\XX[[[X]Y[˂ H\\[[Y]Y[[Z[\ܝ[][]Z \™^[Y][X[ۈوH\X܈\H[Y\ۙHH[Y]H\ܝ H\\ۛHH\H[HK]XܛB[\H\ܝ[Yۘ]\HHX]Y[\H\H[Y[]Y\\X]\\HY\\[[ܙKBKX[Hؘ[[\[[Z]]HX[YH[\[K][KHؙ\ N  N HX[H[[YHZ[[[X\Y܈\\\][X]HZ[\\ HXZZH8'HX[KX\\ 8'HۙHوH[Y XY\Z[ٙ\[ۘ[[[ۙK[\[X]Y\˂ˈ]H[وؙ\HYQXX[\[HٙXX[H[Y]ܜ˜]H]YQXX[XY]X\\[ۙXX [YܛXK[X[YXBZZH[[[YۘK\^ۘK\\Y]Z]Z][ [ \^Y\B\Y ^[K܈H8'Yۚ]H[\ܙX]\'H]X]ۈX[X\ LL  M˂Z][Y\[\]YH]X][\YH][Y\X\Z\Z[[ZBH\]HH[\\\^H\Yۈ[\[[H\[ [Y][ۈ›[]][ۘ[X]]Y\\[ Z[\]H]X][YY]]HX[[][ۜZ[HHX]Y[[X[[Z\[H]HZZH[[YKSB[X\KљXX\H N