Pulse January / February 2016 - Page 59

ISPA FOUNDATION FOUNDATION 2016 ISPA FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS CHAIRMAN Frank Pitsikalis ResortSuite VICE CHAIRMAN Sharilyn Abbajay Red Door Spas DIRECTORS Todd Shaw ISPA Vice Chairman F resh from their ISPA Conference & Expo experience as 2015 ISPA Foundation Mary Tabacchi Scholarship recipients, Anne-Liise Verpson and Taylor Toreno talk about the importance of the ISPA Foundation’s work, the benefits of being part of the ISPA community and the how they think the scholarship can help propel their spa career in the future. Pulse: How important is the ISPA Foundation’s work to the spa industry? Verpson: I admire the ISPA Foundation’s generosity in supporting newcomers with an incredible scholarship, which will help passionate novices who enter the spa world work on reaching their career dreams and contribute to the development and sustainability of the spa industry. Toreno: The ISPA Foundation’s work is crucial because we need to have [reliable] research about the spa industry. Michael Tompkins ISPA Chairman P: What do you view as the most beneficial part of being involved in the ISPA community? V: For 25 years, ISPA has successfully offered a common ground for people with a similar mindset Lynne McNees ISPA President to work toward the future developments of spa business and network with spa professionals around the world. T: The most beneficial part is the connections you can make. The networking experience and the opportunity to learn from fellow spa professionals are truly priceless. MEDICAL ADVISOR Brent Bauer, M.D. Mayo Clinic HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Ruth Stricker The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness Deborah Szekely WELLNESS WARRIOR The ISPA Foundation wishes to thank the following supporters for their generous contributions: LUMINARY Ruth Stricker BENEFACTOR Dr. Howard Murad PATRON Massage Envy Franchising, LLC Red Door Spas P: In what way do you think the scholarship can help you in your future spa career? V: The connections that were established during the ISPA Conference will be, undeniably, the biggest asset for my future spa career. Being awarded with the scholarship has given me a strong boost of self-esteem. Having the support and trust of the ISPA family inspires and motivates me to make an effort to succeed in the spa world. T: The scholarship has helped me financially to complete my degree but I have also been given a mentor to help me. Now I have someone to learn from. I love this aspect because I am the first one in my family to attend college. Also, the networking and connections I will make from being a part of the ISPA family are incredible. P: What is your favorite ISPA Conference & Expo memory?