Pulse January / February 2016 - Page 31

The Rise of Social Media and Mobile Marketing ISSUE: JULY 2011 The article “Surfing the Marketing Channels,” takes a look at emerging new media that are changing the way 55 percent of male spa-goers used social media to research a spa while 35 percent have booked a spa treatment online. Among female spa-goers, 39 percent have entered a competition on social media to win a spa treatment while 29 percent have provided an online review. The Growth of Sustainability ISSUE: MARCH/APRIL 2013 businesses do marketing. The feature indicated that, as of April 2011, Twitter officially claimed to have 175 million registered users with 95 million tweets being written daily. Today, based on Twitter’s company facts, these numbers have grown to 320 million active users with an estimated one billion unique visits monthly to sites with embedded tweets. The social media trend continues to shape the spa industry. Spas now understand the importance of having a strong social media presence, especially since the majority of spa-goers heavily use social media. In fact, according to the ISPA Foundation Consumer Snapshot Initiative: Volume V Social Media & the Spa-Goer, Timothy Kenyon of GfK Group, a market research institute, provided compelling data about consumers’ view on “sustainability” or “going green.” Cost, he said, is the largest barrier that prevents many consumers from embracing a sustainable product. In fact, data from GfK’s Green Gauge Global Study showed that 61 percent of global consumers agree that green products are too expensive. Despite this, sustainability continues to be a topic of importance for many consumers and within the spa community. In fact, 2015 ISPA ability during their talks at the General Sessions. The Need for Authenticity ISSUE: MAY 2013 In an interview with B. Joseph Pine II, leading expert on “The Experience Economy,” he brought to light the “authenticity” trend. “In a world of increasingly paid-for experiences, people no longer accept the fake from the phony, but want the real from the genuine,” Pine says. Today, spas continue to find ways to differentiate themselves from competition by rendering authentic experiences that are customized and unique for their guests. The Increase of Interest in Medical Tourism ISSUE: MAY 2014 Euromonitor International Travel & Tourism Manager Michelle Grant projected that the global market for health and wellness tourism will grow by 21 percent and reach US$129 billion by 2017. “Consumers globally are leading very hectic lives, so relaxation and stress relief remain key drivers,” she says. The Demand for Fast-Laning ISSUE: MARCH/APRIL 2015 Conference & Expo speakers Alice Waters and Scott Harrison echoed the need to embrace ethical sourcing and sustain- TO READ ALL trends and to access Pulse archives, go to experienceispa.com and login as an ISPA member.” The article “Top Trends for 2015: What Do Consumers Want?” highlight trendwatching.com’s trends on emerging consumer attitudes and behaviors. One of the trends mentioned is “FastLanin