Pulse January / February 2016 - Page 28

renewal process, and promotes rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level. Cryotherapy has also been reported to increase collagen production; therefore, improving skin tightening and rejuvenation. These, combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits and release of endorphins, have led to cryotherapy being labeled as an “anti-aging” technique. P: What are some of the dangers involved in this type of treatment? MDF: Cold intolerance and temporary nausea are potential side effects. Frostbite is definitely a possibility and has been reported in cases where a person enters with damp or wet socks or clothing. P: What are the health risks that may prevent a spa guest from having the treatment? MDF: Relevant contraindications include uncontrolled hypertension, serious coronary disease, arrhythmia, circulatory disorders, Raynaud’s phenomenon (white fingers), cold allergies, serious pulmonary disease, or the obstruction of the bronchus caused by the cold. P: How do you envision cryotherapy to fit into the spa world? MDF: The current trend demonstrates that cryotherapy will “The current trend demonstrates that cryotherapy will grow over time as a service in medical spas and those that specialize on sports recovery treatments for athletes.” grow over time as a service in medical spas and those that specialize on sports recovery treatments for athletes. More technology is being developed to localize cryotherapy treatments for the face and neck, which I envision, will become more popular in spas because it will be more affordable and easier to manage than providing Whole Body Cryotherapy. n CLICK HERE to read some reliable scientific studies that support the therapeutic claims of cryotherapy, as compiled by Dr. Munsch Dal Farra. 5HIUHVKHG and ΖQYLJRUDWHG An Impact Cryotherapy Whole Body Cryotherapy unit LQ\RXUVSDZHOOQHVVRUȴWQHVVIDFLOLW\ZLOOSURYLGHJXHVWV DKRVWRIEHQHȴWVERWKSK\VLFDODQGPHQWDO %HQHȴWVRI:KROH%RG\&U\RWKHUDS\ ȏ5HGXFWLRQRILQȵDPPDWLRQ • Decreased muscle soreness ȏ3DLQUHOLHIIURPDYDULHW\RIFDXVHV 404.445.4992 sales@impactcryo.com If you are seeking new ways to attract guests to your spa and provide them with a unique experience, contact us today to learn more. www.impactcryo.com