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Our misery sponges are becoming saturated Nabi page 22 In brief 5 Patients in Gosport, Hampshire face a three-month ban from switching surgeries after an exodus from a hospital-managed GP practice overwhelmed neighbouring practices. The local CCG imposed the ban after 2,100 patients left following problems at the Willow Group, managed by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. GPs should receive a ‘reasonable fee’ for checking medical records and monitoring patients who possess a firearms licence, Lords have said. Firearms and shotgun certificates should also be extended from five to 10 years, members of the upper chamber said during a debate on a bill going through Parliament. An audit of GP practices in Wales has suggested many patients may have been incorrectly diagnosed with COPD. The researchers said ‘a concerted effort’ was needed to determine an accurate diagnosis in these patients to reduce potential harm and medical costs. NHS 111 staff will be able to book GP appointments directly under changes outlined in the NHS long- term plan. The plan also says NHS 111 will be able to book appointments directly at GP-led urgent treatment centres. Managed to convince an unsuspecting junior doctor to be a GP Dr Dornu Lebari A study has suggested there is little evidence that larger GP practices save money or improve outcomes. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Nuffield Trust and the University of Birmingham found the expected benefits of upscaling had yet to materialise, possibly because economies of scale were not outweighing the new costs from more complex management systems. Nearly three-quarters of patient organisations that contribute to NICE decisions have taken funding from manufacturers of a relevant product, a study published in the BMJ has claimed. The researchers called on NICE to ‘review its disclosure policy’ – but the institute said it had already decided to do so. Sign up for daily or weekly news updates at pulsetoday.co.uk/emails OPEN SURGERY by FRAN The evidence base for this request is kindly provided by scores of GPs on Twitter posting pictures of their deserted waiting rooms from last December 24. Only time will tell if managers decide to show goodwill to all GPs. Greatest hits Still on Twitter, GPs have joined in a cathartic thread where professionals introduce themselves by their ‘greatest hits’. For example: ‘Hi, I’m a GP. You may know me by my greatest hits: “I don’t think we can cover your chest pain, severe depression with suicidal ideation and discharge in 10 minutes”; “If you weigh 140kg your knees may well hurt”; “Yes, you do have to pay for a certificate to say you cancelled your trip to Lapland because Kyle had a cold”; “You’re 72, I will not restart your HRT”; and the ever-popular “Is there any chance you could be pregnant?”’ The NHS long-term plan will allow GPs working within primary care networks to take part in a ‘shared savings’ scheme. Practices will ‘benefit’ from efforts to reduce avoidable A&E attendances, admissions and delayed discharges, but some GPs have criticised the idea of practices being paid directly to cut hospital admissions. ONLINE Catch up with all the latest news at pulsetoday.co.uk/ news Pulse February 2019