Pulse February 2019 issue - Page 23

W H E N N er w ream o C L r P S ml 0 50 ice w no 1 0% ch AVEENO One thing they’ll wear for life . er ® p ea ® NO EE V A Prescribing AVEENO ® first for eczema patients is proven to reduce overall costs of care through fewer medical visits and reduced prescriptions for antimicrobials and potent corticosteroids. 1 Set them up for life with AVEENO ® References: 1. Data on File, 2017. Health economic study comparing retrospective primary care costs associated with prescribing Aveeno first line vs switching in eczema patients. To verify claims email crc@its.jnj.com Date of preparation: June 2018 Job code: UK/AV/18-11634a