Pulse December 2017 - Page 63

STORIES companies to register their facilities with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and to submit to the FDA cosmetic ingredient statements that include the amounts of a cosmetic’s ingredients, which will put cosmetic products on the same scrutinizing level our food is judged on. The bill also calls for the annual review of five potentially toxic ingredients and the appropriate concentration restric- tions (if any) they require. If they are found unsafe for human use, companies are to immediately stop formulating their products with said ingredient. As this bill works its way through the legislative system, the Clean Beauty Revolution is growing to include consumers, politicians on both sides of the aisle, publishers, retailers, suppliers and more, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Prange says that it has been especially encouraging over the last few years to see the American consumer take an impassioned interest in learning the truth about their cosmetics. “As people continue to become more educated on the mission in our space, we convert more supporters and the revolution continues to grow,” Prange said. Big Plans for 2018 Prange is committed to continue pushing legislation in support of clean beauty standards. “Our goal will always be to continue gaining ground for consumer rights and continue to market unregulated consumer spaces,” Prange remarked. “Even if we do see S.1113 make it through, the march for consumer health will always have more ground to cover and we will always be INSPIRING TALES OF STARTUPS, GROWTH AND OVERCOMING HARDSHIPS working to push it forward.” The spa industry has done “tremendous things” in the realm of awareness, according to Prange. It has led to more discussion about what it means to provide people with truly clean and green products, not just products that are packaged and marketed to appear clean and green. Adding that there is a world of opportunity to make an impact in the spa space, Prange says she and her team are very inspired by this potential. Keeping the Movement Going While the process to get legislation on board with such an enormous request can take months, possibly years, to go through, Prange is keeping the momentum going by actively engaging the community, like initiating a social media campaign back in March which called for people to sign a clean beauty petition so Prange could go to Congress and lobby with support. “People keep us motivated in this cause,” Prange told us. We genuinely care for peoples’ wellbeing and are passionate about providing them with the information and resources they need to live healthy lives. It’s as simple as that.” What can we do help? Advocate. Prange encourages us all to empower ourselves with as much information as possible on the unregulated space of beauty, and share what you know with the people around you. “Beyond that, call your senators and ask them to sign on to S.1113,” Prange said. “Knowledge is power, so harness it and use it to protect yourself and others!” n one of Prange's biggest accomplishments is spreading the #cleanbeautyrevolution to her team, who have taken that passion and run with it! December 2017 ■ PULSE 61