Pulse December 2017 - Page 62

MEMBERS SUCCESS MAKING COSMETICS SAFE Creating a Clean Beauty Standard Across the Board here are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of untested and potentially toxic chemicals in personal care products. With the goal of keeping consumers safe from harmful chemicals in the products they reach for every day, Ashley Prange is starting a national health revolution that’s about to change the beauty industry forever. Prange, founder and CEO of the organic, all-natural cosmetics brand Au Naturale, has spearheaded the Clean Beauty Revolution Movement, which demands transparent labeling of beauty products in the United States. It advocates for the consumer’s right to know what ingredients go into the products they consume so they can make healthy and informed purchasing decisions. Currently, there is no governmental task force making sure ingredients used in beauty products are safe. Prange and her clean beauty team are working on making a label to be stamped onto beauty products and cosmetics that shows a product is safe and non-toxic, much like the USDA Organic label does for food. T How the Clean Beauty Rev ][ۈ\YXܙ[[KHYXHوX[X]]H\Y^YX\Y[HY\][Y\\[K]B]\[KH[Y8']\[ۙ^H\H\[]\8'HH\YY][܈ۜ[Y\Y˂'^YX\Y؛H[H\Y][܈X[X]]K8'H[HZY 8']Y]HYX\x&]H[[ܙH[Y\[X\[H[[[&]^X X\Y[X[H[Y][[[\[˸'BHX[X]]H[]X]]H\ܛ]وH]ZY]\\B][HYYHX[Y\[\܈Y]XœXXY]\H^H[HKˈ[\ؘۛ[Y[BYH]][ۋ[ۜ[Y\Z[Y[X[X]ۛ[][ܙYY[\H[Z\\ۘ[\HX˂'x&]H]YHX[X]]H]][ۈܛHBSBX[X\ MTVHSB[\ S]H]\[B\[ۈوZ[HH\YܙB[YH[[ۙ^HX[KœY][]XY\[B]\[]H[XY[Y 8'B[H]Y 8'ܘ\ܛ˜X]\H\]\X\K[x&]B[\H\HYH[\[ۜ[Y\YHܚ]X[[]H\[BY[][HX]^H\B[\]\H[H^K'BB[HܙY]\Y\X\˜\^B[]X[X]]H]][۸&\ܙ\[[\]H[\ۛY[[ܚ[ܛ\ []܈X[HZ[Z[  PJK[]܂\[[ SQJH[[Z[H^Y\ZHۈ ۋ[[]\ۙ\\[H[X[H[ܙH[KB[X[ܘ\[HY]XXKH[Yܝو\Bܛ\XYH]XHHH\ۘ[\BXY]HX  ˌLLLK[[]ܝ\ H\ۘ[\HXY]HX[Y[HY\[ Y[Y]XX\]Z\HY]X˜]H]\[I[Z]Y[[ []\[[[\[Xš[\Y[HZHH[ݙ[Y[