Pulse December 2017 - Page 37

2017 ispa conference & expo keynote speaker October 17, 2017 at the beginning of the General session, ISPA Chairman Todd Shaw took the stage to thank the entire ISPA community for such an inspiring and incredible week. He implored the community to continue the momentum of the ISPA Conference & Expo throughout the entire year by getting involved. He also presented awards to our 2017 Innovate Award winners. These companies were voted on by their industry peers for their outstanding innovations in experiences, leadership, philanthropy, products, technology and equipment and treatments. Zeel was also presented with the first-ever Innovator of the Year Award. He then introduced spa industry pioneer, Deborah Szekely, who graced the st age with her daughter-in-law and grandson. It was so special to hear her talk about her health, longevity and the future of the spa and wellness indus- tries. Her wisdom and experience are markers for all of us who truly want to make a difference in both our community and the world. Szekely also presented the Alex Szekely Humanitarian Award to our keynote speaker, Peyton Manning, for his work with several charitable organizations including his own Peyback Foundation, which aims to help kids in underserved communities. Manning graciously accepted the award and took the mic for his capti- vating keynote presentation. His humor was not only surprising, but infectious, and even though spa and football don’t generally seem to mesh, he built a bridge between the two that wowed and inspired the entire audience. Here are the top 10 takeaways from Manning’s presentation. 1. “expand your limits beyond what you thought were your finite boundaries.” 2. “learning to lead was one of the most valuable takeaways from my years of football.” 3. “Knowing what your team knows helps you know how to handle it.” 4. “everyone has to earn the mantle of leadership.” 5. “everyone needs a detailed game plan. Winging it is a dangerous and even arrogant approach.” 6. “everyone has to be on board and everyone has to earn the results.” 7. “every day we either get better or we get worse, we do not stay the same.” 8. “attitudes are contagious; it is up to you to decide if yours is worth catching.” 9. “Power can intoxicate as deeply as hopelessness demoralizes.” 10. “leaders must have the audacity to believe there is something more to reach for.” After his presentation, Shaw came back to the stage for a sit-down Q&A with Manning. This is where we really got to know him. The two men managed to get the entire audience roaring with laughter from their conversation. Manning’s funny stories about hosting SNL and post-football life gave us all a glimpse into the humble man he really is, on and off the field. One of the best takeaways though, was from the first question Shaw asked him: “What do you miss most about playing football?” “I don’t miss getting hit,” Manning replied, which made us all chuckle and nod in solidarity. But what he said next resonated with our audience, who most likely aren’t members of the gridiron gang. He said, “I really miss being part of a team.” So simple, yet so profound at the same time. Because you don’t need to be a football or soccer or basketball player to be a member of a team. You have the luxury of being a member of a team every day when you go to work. You have the opportunity to make that team strong, close-knit and impenetrable by your leadership. Isn’t that incredible? So, take Peyton’s leadership advice to heart and use it to make your team the best it can be, because you never know when the day will come that you’ll miss being a part of that incredible team. n December 2017 ■ PULSE 35