Pulse December 2017 - Page 31

P: Since then, your video has gone viral and you’ve written music that empowers and brings people together. Why did you choose to use your incredible voice to spread such powerful messages? s: In a sense, I don’t have a choice. I have a responsibility and a conviction to continue to use my voice in this way, because it is what people need. It is what our country is crying out for—hope, love, unity and healing. I want this gift that God has given to me to help bring these things to our country and our world by way of music—the universal language. P: Your voice and song inspired hundreds of Mandalay Bay staff members at the 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo who recently saw first-hand what hate can do. What was that experience like? s: That was an amazing experience that touched my heart so much to the point where I had to swallow tears. To see the men and women who had to experience such a tragedy was humbling. They reminded me of exactly why the song Together as One is so necessary. There was a wonderful connection made from my heart to theirs in each word of the song. P: What would you consider to be the hardest part of your musical career? How do you overcome these challenges? s: Right now, the most difficult part of my musical career is having to juggle my career in education along with music. My time is divided right now between the two, and there are some weeks where my days and nights all run together. There is a lot of sacrifice of time and energy in order to do what I love, but it is all worth it. P: What is the most rewarding part of your musical career? s: The most rewarding part of my musical career is undoubtedly the lives that are touched. Bringing hope, healing, encouragement, happiness, or peace through the gift of singing that God has given me is an amazing opportunity. Knowing that you helped someone want to live again, or believe again— that is a priceless reward. n