Pulse December 2017 - Page 25

“We want to move away from the old days of being a stand-alone spa in a big building and really become one big integrated resort spa experience.” — aMber fournIer, SPA DIRECToR, bEAvER RUN SPA RESoRT AND CoNFERENCE CENTER, bRECKINIRIDGE, CoLoRADo materials, to reinforce their brand message. The team at The Spa then began developing promotions within their resort as an incentive to drive both vacationers and conference attendees to their spa. “We are continuing to partner with the Beaver Run marketing team to implement cross-promotional campaigns, which not only benefits both The Spa and the resort, but continues driving a message to clients and guests that Beaver Run is in fact a spa resort,” Fournier adds. To attract guests, The Spa offers an incentives program – resort guests and conference attendees are handed a postcard at check-in highlighting the details of their recent ownership and new management changes, and how those changes will improve their experience at Beaver Run. The postcard is also comprised of a special offer for a US$75 one-hour massage paired with a free foot scrub and complimentary glass of wine. In addition, they are promoting the same new management messaging and spa offer through email marketing and social media channels with additional offers and promotions upon sign-up. On the social media front, The Spa at Beaver Run has an exciting new Facebook page. When people like the page, they get first access to exclusive offers and promotions. One of the benefits of being under the Beaver Run umbrella is the ability to leverage promo- tional opportunities across a variety of social media channels. “Our Facebook page is great for targeting a specific audience,” says Fournier. “We now have the capacity to reach a much larger base across all of our resort and food and beverage channels, giving us the ability to capture vacationers or restaurant patrons who otherwise might not have known about us or our special offers.” Personalizing the spa experience Another way Fournier hopes to make The Spa at Beaver Run stand out is to personalize each guests’ experience. December 2017 ■ PULSE 23