Pulse December 2015 - Page 63

P: What are some of the common measurement metrics to consider when measuring goal success? C: Every goal has key performance indicators such as number of guests seen per day, number of retail units sold per guest, percentage pre-booked, increase in average service ticket, and so on. The key is to look at the goal and ask yourself: “What are the indicators that prove I am moving in the right direction or achieving my result?” P: How important is reward in motivating employees to meet their goals? C: Rewards are subjective. Find out what motivates your team and do more of that. I highly recommend reading The 5 Love Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White. Always find time to give meaningful acknowledgment as every person inherently wants to know they matter. Purpose-driven goals create internal fulfillment with less requirement for material reward. Task-driven goals—or goals that generate money require compensation. Commissions, bonuses or gifts have to be enough to count. Sometimes, fear or apathy holds people back from trying so the reward has to outweigh these two emotions. n Apps That Help Track Goals and Form New Habits irunurun.com habitlist.com stridesapp.com lifetick.com goalsontrack.com nozbe.com WHAT ARE SOME of the common mistakes managers make when setting employee goals? Click here to read more insights from Chernova. How to Help and Motivate Employees Not on Track in Meeting Goals Ask them to explain the goal to see what their perspective of it is. It is likely that they don’t see the big picture. Ask them to reformulate the goal so they feel they own it. Help them write down the exact step-by-step process they have taken to achieve their goals and find out where the breakdown may be. Discover what is sabotaging them. What are the negative thoughts or obstacles in their way? What are their core beliefs? What new self-talk or habits will they need to form in order to succeed more consistently? What support do they require? Each person requires something a little different. Ask them what the best way is to keep them on track.