Pulse December 2015 - Page 57

Pevonia International, LLC Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Intensive Body Corrector Treatment pevoviapro.com | 1.800.PEVONIA What are the key benefits offered by your product? A revolutionary product, these plant stem cells-based and high-performing products are perfect for in-spa treatment and at-home maintenance. Featuring a duodermal target repair technology, the extraordinary three-in-one exfoliating, contouring and regenerating wellness therapy infuses skin with the latest de-aging actives and natural stem cells to dissolve unwanted fat and cellulitic deposits, reduce skin sagging and repair sun damage. What makes your brand a standout? Pevonia is made in the USA with European heritage. Empowering professionals with unique, exceptionally crafted formulas, Pevonia is a clinically proven, award-winning natural skin care that takes pride of its advanced manufacturing and delivery systems for optimum absorbency. It boasts of unprecedented support via dedicated account executives and technical/practical/business-building training from multi-licensed, industry-leading educators. Pevonia is a market pioneer and global leader—126 countries strong! How do you encourage your team to be your brand’s biggest advocate? “I encourage my team through a unified vision and powerful flow of ongoing communication! By keeping our entire organization abreast of all corporate initiatives, philanthropic outreach, education, sales and marketing efforts, we empower them to remain connected and engaged with the company and brand at all times. We are all passionate ‘Pevoniacs!’” — Philippe Hennessy, President/CEO Phytomer Group Brands PHYTOMER XMF WHITE Skin Translucency Cream phytomerusa.com | 1.800.227.8051 What are the key benefits offered by your product? Phytomer’s biotechnological innovations offer a comprehensive approach to anti-aging with our new XMF WHITE Skin Translucency Cream—the perfect cream to even out skin tone, erase dark spots and smooth out wrinkles. What makes your brand a standout? Phytomer is one of the only spa brands with our own laboratory where we research and manufacture our own exclusive active ingredients and cosmetic formulas to offer cutting-edge spa experiences and products that deliver remarkable, instant results. How do you [