Pulse December 2015 - Page 37

Embrace the age of entre-ployee. The lines are getting more and more blurred between being an entrepreneur and being an employee. “Today, there are so many ways to be highly entrepreneurial even in a bigger company,” Zuckerberg says. Google is a good example of a company that nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit of their employees by allowing them to work on their passion projects. “They feel that if they give their employees time to be creative, they’d be better at their regular jobs,” she says. Another way to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit is by organizing a hackathon, an event that originated in the technology world where programmers collaborate and compete to create a new product or solution. “It doesn’t have to be a hackathon. It can be a ‘create-a-thon’ or a ‘thinkathon’,” advises Zuckerberg. “Pick a problem that’s been plaguing you or your business. Gather a group of people and you’ll be amazed by what you’ll come up with if you give yourself permission to be creative.” Think like a media company. Zuckerberg says, in the age of the Internet, all of us are a media company. “Do you have an editorial calendar? Do you think about your point of view? Because I guarantee you, more and more of your competitors are thinking of themselves that way,” she says. Companies like Red Bull and Ben & Jerry’s are among those that excel in having a media company mindset. Topshop is another good example of a brand that thinks like a media company. During New York Fashion Week, they put out digital billboards that display “hastags” of real-time fashion trends, bridging the company’s tech-forward marketing with Twitter. “Being the first in your space to try something new is always going to get a lot of attention,” Zuckerberg says. “If you think like a media company, you have an incredible opportunity to be an expert and a thought-leader.” Reinvent retail. In today’s world, money is no longer the only currency. Zuckerberg says many more businesses are looking at social reach as top currency in retail. The Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour Hotel in Australia is a good example of a company that is reinventing the business world. This hotel, designed with Instagrammers in mind, offers free accommodations to those who have 10,000 Instagram followers. Social reach has become a currency as a growing number of businesses would rather have a social media celebrity’s influence over money. “This is something to think about since all of us have customers who are more influential or louder than others,” Zuckerberg says. In Their Words WANT TO KNOW MORE about Éminence Kids? Visit pulse.experienceispa.com to learn how you can be involved. “I am very proud to say that we have served over 1,500 organic meals just in the first year. Truly, everybody who are going through such hardships in their lives are extremely desperate to do anything and everything they can to feel better, so this is why I believe so much in this cause. This is why I think it’s so important to keep Eminence Kids alive and grow it as big as possible.” BOLDIJARRE KORONCZAY • President of Éminence Organic Skin Care and 2015 ISPA Visionary Award Recipient “We wanted to teach people to be their own techhealer—that we can now take all these marvelous new science, teach ourselves and people to apply it in a loving way. And for the naysayers, we can now convince them in ways we’ve never done before.” DR. PAMELA PEEKE • Health and Fitness Expert, Author, Scientist and General Session Guest Speaker December 2015 n PULSE 35