Pulse December 2015 - Page 34

MARKING A MILESTONE (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 30) COOPER FITNESS CENTER & SPA Dallas, Texas 45 ARS! YE ot many people can genuinely lay claim to launching an entire movement and altering the lexicon at the same time. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder of Cooper Fitness Center & Spa, can justifiably make such a claim: without him the aerobics revolution of the last 40 years might not have happened. His 1968 bestselling book called Aerobics, which approaches outlined his exercise routine, changed habits and created wellness breakthroughs to the whole body. for millions of people. At 84 years of age, Cooper Spa the “Father of Aerobics” remains an currently has a aerobics guru and a remarkable personal team of over 30 testament to his own philosophy. well-versed service providers, Celebrating its 45th year, the 30-acre many of whom have been with Cooper Cooper Aerobics Center is home to The Spa since 1998—so they are close to Cooper Institue 501(c)(3) and seven celebrating their 20-year anniversaries diverse entities, including Cooper Spa. with us.” “Our approach is simple,” says Assistant Having been in the same building for General Manager Sarah Carroll, “When over 40 years, a US$6 million renovation your body is fit, you look better, you feel was completed in 2013, during which better. At Cooper Spa, we embrace that time the spa remained 99 percent operasame approach and call it Beautiful Fit.” tional. “Cooper Spa is fortunate to have a After converting two racquet ball talented, mature and creative team,” says courts into a two-story facility, Cooper Carroll. “During the renovation, these Spa was eventually opened in 1998. skills were imperative to our continued “What began as a simple menu remains success and retention of clients. The team just that,” says Carroll, “but with a was able to maintain an average 65 poignant message about the purposes of percent retention and 68 percent stress-relieving and therapeutic occupancy rate during the renovation period.” Rewarding staff members with an LONGEVITY TIP: “Stay true to your excellent package of benefits helps the mission. Over the years the industry has business to retain high-quality, motivated changed and grown, as have we and as staff. part of Cooper Fitness Center & Spa, our To celebrate 45 years in business, the primary goal is to encourage our patrons spa has given its guests an additional 45 to enjoy longer, healthier lives.” bonus points every service rebooked over N 32 PULSE n December 2015 Assistant General Manager Sarah Carroll (left) says Cooper Fitness Center & Spa embodies the fitness philosophy of its founder, Dr. Kenneth Cooper (above), who is also reputed to be the “Father of Aerobics.” the summer, while an internal initiative has allowed staff members to donate to “Give for Good.” To encourage loyalty, the spa offers a spa rewards program. “Utilizing SpaSoft’s loyalty programming, points are earned and redeemed at the time of purchase.” Over the years, Cooper Fitness has innovated by combining fitness and spa treatment and turning its clients on to preventative health and wellness. With exciting plans for future growth, Dr. Kenneth Cooper can look back on a life that has created a lasting legacy.