Pulse December 2015 - Page 24

CONVERSATIONS WITH RYAN LEVESQUE B Y M A E M A Ñ AC A P - J O H N S O N Ask author RYAN LEVESQUE outlines an online survey formula that helps to uncover what potential clients want and a process to effectively convert prospects into loyal customers. He calls it the “Ask Formula.” “I came up with the concept after struggling to build my own online business. It was really a process of trial and error, seeing what was working and how we could make it better. It took me a while to perfect it, and the person who was instrumental in that was Dr. Glenn Livingston, a good friend of mine, who was doing a lot of work with the survey concept,” Levesque says, recalling the journey he took to create his unique marketing concept. PULSE: What is the “Ask Formula”? Ryan Levesque: The “Ask Formula” is a way of asking questions that reveals what your customers really want—and based on that, allows you to customize your offers and segment your market so that you are offering them exactly what they are asking. This process also builds trust with your prospect so that they are much more likely to buy what you’re offering—and then become repeat customers. P: You wrote in your book: “The right way to use surveys is counterintuitive.” Do you care to elaborate? L: What’s counterintuitive about our surveys is this: Most businesses, when they do a customer survey, will ask people to rate their current products or services on a number scale. And then they ask: “What kinds of services or products would you like to see us offer?” Here’s the problem with that: People are really bad at knowing what they want. There are two kinds of questions that people are good at answering: 1. What they don’t want. 2. What they have done in the past. P: What are your three most important tips on how to grow one’s online subscriber base? L: Number one is segmentation. When you have the ability to sort your prospects and customers into different “buckets,” you’ll ultimately see your retention rate go up because people feel like you are talking to them personally. Tip number two is to use constant feedback loops. I like to ask my subscribers simple questions in emails, and ask them to simply hit reply and respond that way. It works every time—and that not only creates engagement, it also gives you insight into what your prospects and customers are thinking. The last tip is use surveys. If you have an opt-in form on your site, and you’re just asking for name and email address, then simply by changing that to a short quiz or survey, you’re going to get more leads and optins, more engagement, and you’re going to have more information about who your prospective customers are. We get (CONTINUED ON PAGE 24 22 PULSE n December 2015