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MEMBER PROFILE sacred space, much like safely sheltered under a tree’s nurturing branches. “Our methodology and concept has never changed, we have rebranded the packaging of how we deliver our concept to our valued clients. If we were to go back in time and place our current brand in 1991, the consumer would not have been ready for us. We have watched the unfolding of alternative medicine become more accepted, along with knowledge about our food, our environment and our energetic body. This awareness has catapulted our business into what my intentions had been from the inception. We have come ‘full circle,’” she says. Facing Challenges Like any other business, the spa went through challenging times. “Our company was devastated by a flood in October 2011. It was our most challenging time,” Tardif recalls. “As most may imagine, any crisis can be a crucial turning point in any business. Teamwork and morale are the two areas that are paramount to navigate through and succeed.” Tardif says her team’s ability to work together was the reason why they were able to quickly manage the crisis. Team members helped through the long hours of cleanup and setup of the satellite area in order to continue to serve guests while the spa was in the process of remediation. “We all have heard that ‘the Chinese symbol for crisis is composed of two characters: one for opportunity, the other for danger’. We truly took the moment to create an opportunity for us to strengthen our bond as a team, allowing us to deliver exceptional service to our clients and keeping our business 16 PULSE n December 2015 strong,” she says. “Many people told me to temporarily close down and focus on the remediation. Many small businesses went out of business, as the financial hardship was unbearable.” But the spa did not only survive, but came out stronger than ever. About to mark its 25-year anniversary, BodiScience plans to offer a US$19.91 pricing on treatments as its way to reflect back on its opening year. BodiScience has also teamed up with Diamond Way Ayurveda to create the “Welcome Home Warrior” project, helping veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In the long-term, Tardif is looking into offering entrepreneurs who share her vision to join the business and grow the brand in other locations. As far as valuable lessons she learned, she says resiliency, consistency in service and integrity are key qualities to success. “Develop resiliency. You need to be adaptable and resilient to be successful for the long haul. Attain consistency through systems. Cultivate integrity. When your external actions reflect your internal code, you are in alignment with your morality. Take pride in every task, interaction and treatment you deliver.” n ABOUT THE SPA Spa open date: June 1991 Square footage: 3,800 Number of treatment rooms: 7 Rebranding: 2013 Signature treatments: Ayurvedic treatments Charitable initiative: Welcome Home Warrior Contact: BodiScience Wellness Center & Spa 100 Cummings Center, Suite 150F Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 Phone: 1.978.927.9909 Website: bodiscience.com