Pulse December 2015 - Page 42

2015 ISPA Conference & Expo AH, WHAT A JOURNEY THAT WAS! BY MAE MAÑACAP-JOHNSON PHOTOGRAPHY BY JACOB KEPLER CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH ISPA’S VIDEOS! Can you recall the many adventures and magical moments at the 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo? From the thrill of making new friends and reconnecting with lifelong peers, to the rush of discovering business opportunities, this year’s event was one heck of a fun, energizing and inspiring ride. Oh, where to start? How about that powerful moment when Scott Harrison, charity: water founder and General Session keynote speaker, shared the story of Rachel Beckwith, a nine-year-old who, after a month into her charity: water campaign, tragically passed away in a car accident but left this world with a legacy of generosity? Or who could forget the inspiring story of Amy Purdy whose life is the very definition of courage and intention? But it wasn’t all “pass the Kleenex” moments as there were tons of laughter and light-hearted highlights in between. From “funny girl” Dr. Bertice Berry to the impersonators of ISPA Visionary Award recipient Boldijarre Koronczay and ISPA Chairman Michael Tompkins who pranked the audience as they danced on stage, the 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo was everything we could hope for in a life-changing adventure. So buckle up, we’re taking you along for one last ride down memory lane! THE PAST, RELIVE THE MOMENT @HHHealth: 1 bag = 1 year’s tuition for a child in a developing countr