Pulse December 2015 - Page 12

IN EVERY ISSUE 2 From Your Chairman 6 Pulse Preview 12 Pulse Points 14 Member Profile: BodiScience Wellness Center & Spa Seeing an Opportunity in Crisis 14 BY MAE MAÑACAP JOHNSON 18 Member News BY TARA SALAH ELDIN & SARAH HARMON 22 Conversations: Ryan Levesque Marketing Expert and Author of Ask. BY MAE MAÑACAP-JOHNSON 60 Ask the Expert: Tanya Chernova Professional Development Session Speaker 62 Success Stories: Stewart Griffith President, TouchAmerica Inc. 64 ISPA Foundation 65 A Day in the Life: Ann Brown Spa Shiki Spa Director Saltability CEO 60 62 65 71 22 BY CHRISTINA BUSWELL 66 ISPA Snapshot Survey 67 ISPA News 68 Product Spotlight 71 Social Connections: Susan Michele President of Operations, Milk + Honey Spa, Austin, Texas 72 End Notes ABOUT THE COVER In this wrap-up edition of the 2015 ISPA Conference & Expo, the Pulse cover captures the camaraderie and sense of community that ran deep throughout the three-day event. COVER PHOTO © JACOB KEPLER PHOTOGRAPHY 10 PULSE n December 2015