Pulse August 2017 - Page 59

Harmsworth’s 4 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success 1. Always be aware of and appreciate other cultures. I’ve had the opportunity to work with people all over the world, which has helped me understand cultures and human nature in a unique way. ESPA Life Corinthia London attractively packaged and had nothing to say to men, who were 30 percent of the clientele at spas.” So, she began creating formulas in 1989 that would bring together traditional holistic treatments and the world of luxury beauty, which led to the creation of ESPA in 1993 and the extensive and continued development of ESPA’s luxury product line. “When I look back when I started ESPA, we were doing the things that are trending now—25 years ago,” Harmsworth notes. That forward-thinking approach combined with her passion and vision helped shape the spa industry into what it is today, which is why she is such a fitting recipient for the 2017 ISPA Visionary Award. “The joy of the ISPA Visionary Award is that it is recog- nition by my peers, which is hugely important to me. This is the culmination of an entire life’s work in an industry that I love and am continually passionate about.” As Harmsworth reflects on a lifetime of work in the industry, she can’t help but look to and be excited about what the future holds. “The spa industry is at an exciting crossroads. Spa is now mainstream so customer expectations are high, which will make the next era more challenging, but in a good way.” n 2. Always remember that it’s about your people. I would never be where I am today if I didn’t hire the best people in the industry and then let them do their jobs. 3. You have to plan, but don’t think too far ahead. You have to be versatile enough to change with the times. You haven’t a clue what’s coming around the corner, but that’s life! 4. Make the most of every opportunity. I didn’t plan a whole lot, but when opportunities came around, I jumped at them, which is what led me to where I am today. 2017 ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO Join us in presenting Sue Harmsworth with the 2017 ISPA Visionary Award. GENERAL SESSION H TUESDAY, OCT. 17 9:30 a.m. August 2017 ■ PULSE 57